Funny Posts About Jealous Pets Who Need Some Constant Attention

Eric Gideon

June 28, 2020

These cats and dogs are not ashamed of expressing their jealousy…

Now, can someone please give them the attention they deserve?  

1. Untitled

this video truly depicts just how jealous my cats are of each other pic.twitter.com/WGUTeBiDRg

— ༺♥༻ (@AMISHM0M) January 6, 2019 2. Untitled

Poor Matilda, she is jealous to see the cat get a treat 😀

IG matilda_the_wonder_hound pic.twitter.com/iTwqUkStt8

— 🌊❄️🆘🏳️‍🌈 Dexter (@SoyBoyManBun) July 24, 2019 3. Untitled So…. This is Athena, she is a 9 year old labrador. As you can see she’s a chunker but she gets jealous when she sees our smaller dogs on our laps and throws a fit…. so of course I have succumb to her commands from r/aww 4. Untitled

My cat gets jealous of my phone and will go straight after it if, in her opinion, I’m staring at it too much…so I decided to get it on video. pic.twitter.com/mZYfyjoYrj

— Mr. Otto (@MikeOttonomous) March 24, 2019 5. Untitled

How to make your cat jealous 101 😂 pic.twitter.com/m0q9sHu4JQ

— Tina 🏳️‍🌈 (@inaurner) August 24, 2019 6. Untitled My doggo, Willow, got jealous that I was taking a pic of my swans and not her. from r/aww 7. Untitled @catsandmusic18

I wish she understood how much I love her… in the meantime she’s talking with anger … ##cicithecat ##cicisbox ##catsreaction ##tabbycat

♬ original sound – catsandmusic18 8. Untitled My in-law’s dogs posed so well with my wife for a picture, but our dog got jealous and wanted to be in the shot too! from r/aww 9. Untitled So apparently Janky gets jealous of anything… from r/aww 10. Untitled

"Pianist cat is jealous of her 🙄😒😂"
"Pianist kedi kıskanıyor 🙄😒😂" pic.twitter.com/vM62GKdHMJ

— Sarper Duman (@sarperduman) November 9, 2018 11. Untitled

“tHe MoSt dAnGeROuSs bREeD iN tHe WoRLd” screaming and crying because the cat is sleeping on his favorite pillow pic.twitter.com/churmGwYmL

— muskrat jack (@hayleyyjay) February 25, 2019 12. Untitled

My dog got jealous when he saw the camera pic.twitter.com/5HGgPEeEvt

— Ricky Dillon (@RickyPDillon) September 12, 2018 13. Floor - Victoria/V.E. Schwab @veschwab The cat went for a belly rub. The dog got jealous. Now this is happening.

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