Eliminating Fear From Your Puppy

Manny Rutz

May 9, 2015

A puppy is a like a new member to our family, when we get a puppy we get a ton of responsibilities and things that play a huge role in how our dog will behave as it grows. Dogs can be aggressive, shy or very friendly and any of those three are connected to the environment the puppy lives in. We are going to talk about a few tips to make sure your puppy is not afraid of the world.

Before you do anything or walk your dog out for the first time it’s important that you vaccinate your puppy. A non vaccinated puppy can attract diseases and viruses that can be transmitted from other animals and even other dogs while walking outside. Prevention of diseases and viruses is the first step to healthy dog and the best way to avoid future health problems.

Teaching your puppy by exploring different places and getting your dog to get used to certain noises and even other dogs is a good idea. If your dog is not used to regular everyday noises and things you’ll have a dog that most likely will be easily scared of anything or any noise around him. The best way to get your dog used to these things is by exploring as much as possible.

The first few months of taking care of your puppy should be all about exploring and bonding with your new friend. Simple things like taking your dog for a car ride or playing with other dogs will help your dog socialize and it will create a positive environment for your dog. Your dog won’t be afraid of the unknown and most likely will have more interaction with you.

Getting a dog is not a decision that should be made lightly, many people get pets and then realize they don’t have the time or money to take care of the responsibilities that comes with owning a pet. We recommend that if you do plan to take care of your furry friend that you do so by showing love and making sure the environment in which you decide to raise your puppy is the right one.

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Category: Dog Training
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