Alright i’ve had quite enough of what’s been going on with me. Is there a type / group of people that “feel” life and death coming?

Eric Gideon

April 6, 2021

ALWAYS even as a little kid, i've had a scarily accurate gut. But it's always surrounded things such as the common and vague theme of life and death.

I can "feel" good vibes from certain objects, I feel the happiness myself (I love going through thrift stores collecting porcelain sculptures that give me this feeling), and I can understand things that my pets are asking of me, pretty much down to the basic want they're asking of. However i'll go through this later on after the important parts.

Throughout the years I get a true dread feeling surrounding specific people. For example (and I have screenshots to prove this), my boyfriend is a metal fabricator for work. I felt really really bad about him, as if his life was in danger. A really gross gut wrenching feeling. I texted him while he was at work and told him to be extremely careful because I felt like he was going to die. He texted back immediately he'd be extra careful because he trusts my gut. Well sure enough, he texted back and said "thanks for saving my life" not even 5 minutes after I had initially texted him. He hadn't noticed but his jacket was splattered with a flammable oil, and if he were to use his grinder he would have gone up in his flames.

A more minor occurrence happened a few years back when I had a gut feeling I was having kidneys issues. This one is a little more explainable because of the bladder infections I was getting prior, although I had become sexually active so it was dismissed as such. After a few scans here and there they did prove I was having issues with my kidneys swelling up and functioning very slowly.

A very important event that happened last year was my cat's death. My 15 year old cat Jerry began acting slightly off, although this was the time my boyfriend started coming around (Jerry is bonded with me and very protective). I mentioned it to my mom and she suggested it was just him being jealous. Partially that was true yes. About 3 months later he started having seizures and ran to my room out of panic most times he could. I knew at that point he was going to die. We took him to the vet and put him on medication but I still KNEW he was going to die. I refused to go to school for the week to spend as much time with him as I could. He died a week later, despite being on the medication.

Now the current event that's triggering me to come here is my other cat is currently on his way out. For the past 2 months i've been feeling like his time was coming, and for proof i've posted about this feeling before he started having issues. Long story short, 2 days ago we took him to the vet. I knew it was not going to be good. Nothing that day felt right. Well sure enough, he should be literally dead at this point. His kidney function is in the 700s, normal is the 70-90 range. His kidneys are beyond repair, yet he's acting like a completely normal cat. The vet is absolutely shocked he was even there in the room, breathing and standing. The vet strongly suggested they hospitalize him for the night to try and flush his kidneys out. I just FELT it would do nothing, and it didn't. I've been crying for the past few days every hour because I know he's only got a few weeks left.

When I was 12 my dad (who I no longer see) owned a lab called Zimmer, he was lightly abused and my dad used forced to train him. He was the sweetest dog, although scared to make a noise in fear of being hit. One time it was just me and him in the house but I needed to go out. I sat on the floor with him, he felt pretty dull and sad on the inside. I pet him for probably a good hour and just laid there with him, and when I had to go out the door his face kinda said it all. He was just so lonely and sad. He died a few months later after we moved. I stayed there with him because I felt he needed the love.

Events with the same theme have always been happening, I can never find a good way to explain it. My mom and most of my family have come to trust my opinion on people, there's a lot of "who's next" type of jokes.

Now in terms of the "life" portion of things. Both my cats, Jerry (who is dead) was immediately bonded with me. Got him when I was 2 and a half, i'm now 19. Tom and Jerry are brothers, Tom is the one with kidney issues. I always knew what he wanted, if he wanted a blanket, what type of blanket he wanted, when he wanted to be pet on a certain area of his body etc. Same goes to Tom. I read a lot of what they're asking through their eyes and face, Tom makes eye contact across the room to suggest he wants me to prop my legs up so he can lay down on them. I know exactly what he wants from the type of food to how he wants to snuggle, or when he wants to play. I can feel if they're upset, bored, content, or if their mind is wandering along.

As a disclaimer, by "knowing" what my animals want i'm not referring to typical "needing" behaviours like meowing and body language like that, more so an understanding of their expressions and the vibe they give off. I'm able to understand the difference between meows however. Tom is so sweet, when I talk to him he meows back lowly and high pitched like a little chirp. I think it's 100% his way of communicating with me. I'm confident me and Tom / Jerry have a mutual understanding of "I don't know what you're saying, but I know what you're saying".

Another thing to add, i've always felt safer around animals. I don't like humans at all. Goes the other way around too, animals seem naturally drawn to me one way or another. It's funny when I used to go over to my neighbours, they had a cat that was untrained and outdoors. She clawed at them every chance she got, yet gave me all the love and cuddles. They always seemed pretty shocked to see it.

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